Business Strategy

Long-Term Objectives

  • provide Unitholders with stable and growing cash distributions, on a tax efficient basis
  • expand the asset base of the REIT and enhance the value of the REIT’s assets to maximize long-term Unit value
  • increase the REIT’s net operating income and AFFO per Unit, through accretive acquisitions and internal growth strategies


External Growth Strategy

  • look for accretive acquisitions of income-producing commercial properties
  • diversify by asset class among office, retail, industrial and commercial mixed use properties
  • diversify geographically across Canada, with particular focus on Québec, Atlantic Canada, and Ontario in the East, and, selectively, in Western Canada.
  • target properties in primary and secondary markets 
  • focus on buildings with minimal capital requirements, including new buildings or well-maintained older buildings


Internal Growth and Financing Strategy

  • increase AFFO while mitigating financial risk and maintaining stable cash flows
  • rely on a combination of short, medium and long-term fixed rate property level debt
  • maintain overall indebtedness in a range of 55-60% of Gross Book Value
  • acquire assets with medium to long term leases to high quality tenants
  • stagger lease maturities to minimize rollover risk
  • manage properties with an experienced team of real estate professionals utilizing an efficient management structure